Where are the Location of offices and the corresponding contact details?

We have offices in U P and Delhi. Click here to see details of our offices. 

What About salary?

Our wage structure is based on the minimum wages of UP Govt Labour Department/Administration applicable to a semi-skilled/skllled worker and therefore, any statutory increase in the Minimum Wages & DA by the UP Govt labour department/Administration will be paid on actual plus connecting benefits and other allowances as per the wage structure. The next wage revision will be falling due on 01 Oct 2009. The wage structure are subject to revision every six months (ie. April and October) by the Lbour Commissioner UP.

  • House Rent Allowance.
    Wherever suitable living accommodation with kitchen, Bathroom and Latrines along with free water and electrify is not provided by the Principal Employer or not availed by the employees of the Nigam, 10% HRA of Basic +VDA will be paid by the Principal Employer.
  • As per the State government Gazette Notification No 1458/36-7/97-5(39)/96, dated 24 Jul 1998, U.P. Purva Sainik Kalyan Nigam Ltd, is exempted from the provision of Employees State Insurance.
  • Nigam’s employees are entitled for bonus at the rate of 8.33% of Basic+VDA which is to be released from principal employer in every month wages bill.  Present entitlement of bonus amount is reflected in the wage bill attached along with this letter.
  • As per existing rule of the EPF, Principal Employer will paid EPF @ 13.61 % OF Basic Pay +VDA (12% EPF, 1.11% Admin charges & 0.5% EDLI) every month.


What is the carry home pay?

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What all jobs are available?

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How to register, as client?

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How to register, as employee?

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Do you Comply With Laws?

We ensure compliance of all Laws of the land pertinent to the manpower employed for Security Services and other services.  All Records and Registers as per Labour Laws are maintained.  Being a Government Undertaking we appreciate the significance of the various Acts and Labour Laws and ensure full compliance.  We ensure payment to our employees through Banks only.


What are the Legal promises?

  • FIR/Joint Enquiry.
    In case of any loss/theft/burglary of their property, Principal Employer will lodge FIR with the police and a joint enquiry consisting of the representatives of both the parties will be instituted. Nigam also agrees to depute its special investigator at its own cost to conduct such enquiry to fix/apportion blame and takes responsibility to make good the loss apportioned to it.
  • In case of any dispute arising out of the contract, the matter will first be resolved through mutual dialogue and reconciliation failing which; the dispute will be resolved through Arbitration and Reconciliation Act 1996.

What all Welfare facilities are available?

  • Group Personnel Accident Policy :
    All our employees are covered under the Accident Group Insurance Policy for an amount of Rs. 5 Lacs per Individuals against death or disability due to accident.   The Policy also provides for re-imbursement of expenses up to Rs. 50,000/- incurred due to hospitalization as a result of accident.In addition funeral allowance of Rs. 5,000/= and Ambulance Allowance of Rs. 1,000.00 are covered in the Policy.



  • Sustenance Allowances :
    An employee of the Nigam who is unable to attend to the duty due to illness or injury and is admitted in the Hospital/ Advised Rest by a Competent Medical Officer,  is entitled for payment of Sustenance Allowance of  Rs. 100/- Per days for a period of one month.
  • Chronic Disease:
    If an employee during his service period with Nigam suffers from certain Chronic Disease and is treated by an authorized Medical Practitioner/Government Hospital and incurs expenditures on treatment, financial assistance up to Rs. 10,000/- may be granted.
  • Other Emergency Assistance:
    In extreme and compassionate circumstance,  financial assistance up to Rs. 5,000/= may be granted by Managing Director.
  • Ex-Gratia Payment:
    In case of death due to sickness/Natural Cause/Accident, an amount of Rs. 30,000/- is paid immediately to the next of kin.
  • Payment of Incentive:
    For exceptional performance of duty incentive of Rs. 3000/- to 1,000/- along with Citation and Medal are awarded to the deserving employees for:

    • Prevention of theft/serious accidents by showing valour and presence of mind.
    • Showing ability and determination and undertaking challenging tasks
    • Providing best services to the Institution as per best tradition and norms of Nigam
    • Safeguarding Nigam’s interest while giving best services to the Institution.
    • Dedication to Nigam and respectful behavior with all
  • Financial assistance to widows under self employment schemes.
  • Expenditure on running refresher courses and training for Nigam’s employees keeping the present security environment and latest security gadgetry view.
  • Financial Assistance to Ex-Servicemen and office staff through self operated welfare scheme i.e. Kalyan Nidhi & Kosh.
  • Limited financial assistance is also being provided to Ex-Servicemen Establishment/Organizations, who are extending various facilities to Ex-Servicemen.
  • Training of dependents of Ex-Servicemen to develop skills in IT and other job opportunity areas.




How to get assistance in UP?

Assistant General Manager(HR & Adm) : Col(Retd) H Nagar Ph:7860030103

Assistant General Manager(Marketing & PP):Lt Col(Retd) S Negi Ph:7860030888
How to get assistance for destitute

Assistant General Manager(HR & Adm) : Col(Retd) H Nagar Ph:7860030103

Assistant General Manager(Marketing & PP):Lt Col(Retd) S Negi Ph:7860030888

How to get assistance for marriage of daughter?

Assistant General Manager(HR & Adm) : Col(Retd) H Nagar Ph:7860030103

Assistant General Manager(Marketing & PP):Lt Col(Retd) S Negi Ph:7860030888

Are your people trained?

Yes. Ex- servicemen who fulfill the minimum QRs i.e. educational qualification, Medical category and character are called for interview and placed on select/ reserve list based on their performance and past experience. Prior to deployment, initial induction training followed by On Job Training peculiar to the work site is carried out. Refresher training is imparted through a Training Program framed in consultation with the Principal Employer. In addition, courses related to security are conducted at our Training Institute located at Lucknow. The syllabi covers all aspects of security i.e. Industrial & Environmental Security, Fire Fighting, Bomb Detection, Search and Frisking, Special aspects of Disaster Management.