Information related to RTI Act – 2005 Manual Under Sub Section 4(1)

S.NO Points Departmental Information
1 Duties & Specification of the Organization  UPPSKNL is a leading organization in the field of welfare of Ex-servicemen (Retired  Military Personnel). Ours is a UP State Government undertaking formed under  Companies Act 1956 for the rehabilitation and welfare of Ex-servicemen and their dependents.
 Main Objects of  UPPSKNL :
(a) To provide assistance to Ex-servicemen for their re-employment.
(b) To assist and train Ex-servicemen and their dependent through Polytechnic, ITl and other institutions.
(c) To provide an opportunity and impart training for serf employment to serving soldiers (prior to their retirement), ex servicemen and their dependent family members. UPPSKNL is providing Ex-servicemen based Security and Technical Services to various institutions. Present deployed strength of Ex-servicemen and their dependent is approx 15,000.
2. The Power and Duties of
Officers & Staff
All Financial and Administrative powers of UPPSKNL rest with the Board of Directors.
Board of Directors delegates its power to the Managing Director and the General
Manager from time to time. The Power and Duties of the Officers and Staff are as under:

1. Managing Director:
The Board of Directors has delegated administrative & financial powers to him being Chief Executive Officer and is responsible for complete activities of UPPSKNL.

2. General Manager:
Use of Financial and Administrative powers as delegated by the Board of Directors. Responsible for all the acts done through delegated powers.

3. Deputy General Manager:
Responsible for all operation related activities of UPPSKNL. Utilized power as delegated by the Managing Director for operational activities of sub ordinate offices.

4. Assistant General Manager (HR & Adm):
Responsible for all acts and duties as imposed by the Managing Director, General Manager and Deputy General Manager.

5. Assistant General Manager (Marketing & PP):
Responsible for all acts and duties as imposed by the Managing Director, General Manager and Deputy General Manager.

6. Account Officer:
Responsible for entire accounts related works.

7. Assistant General Managers (Ops):
Use of financial and administrative powers in their area of jurisdiction. Responsible for entire activities of concerned Regional Office.

8. Staff:
Responsible for all acts and duties as imposed & ordered by the concerned officers.

3. Decision Making Supervision and
All Policy decisions are being’ taken by the Board of Directors. The Board may delegate powers to the Managing Director. Since Financial powers are delegated to the Managing Director, therefore, daily Financial and Administrative decisions are being taken by him. Complete correspondence is being submitted to the Managing Director after duly vetting and recommending by the subordinate officers for his final decision. The Subordinate Officers are responsible for supervision and movement of the tiles to be put up to the Managing Director.
4. Criteria for Discharge of Duties Since there is no specialized work in the Nigam, therefore, timely discharge of duties is the main object of the Nigam. All the work is reviewed by the senior officers from time to time.
5. Use of Rules Regulations There are no other rules and regulations for subordinate staff towards discharge of their duties. However, they are governed under Government Orders issued from time to time by the UP Government as well as Bureau of Public Enterprises.
6. Classification Details of Documents Classification details of document rests with staff. All general routine files are under control of staff. However, policy matter related files are under control of concerned officer and very important files related to administrative and financial decisions are under control of General Manager.
7. Policy Making Details and it’s Execution Presently UPPSKNL is not undertaking any planning/projects which requires advise of public members.
8. Details of Boards, Councils, Samitis &, Local Bodies UPPSKNL is governed by the 12 members of the Board of Directors. All financial and administrative power rests with the Board of Directors, which may be delegated to the Managing Director, The Board of Director’s Meeting and Annual General Body Meetings are conducted as per schedule wherein decisions are taken to resolve internal issues, These meetings are neither open for public nor is it’s agenda are available for general public.


(Nominated by the UP Govt.)

2. Vice Chairman
(Nominated by the UP Govt.)

3. Managing Director
UP Purva Sainik Kalyan Nigam Ltd.

4. Director
Directorate, Sainik Kalyan Evam Punarvas, UP.

5. Director
MUPSA. Central Command.

6.Principal Secratary
Social Welfare Department, UP Govt.

7. Principal Secretary
Bureau of Public Enterprises, UP Govt.

8. Principal Secretary
Finance Department, UP Govt.

9. Principal Secretary
Institutional Finance & Public Insurance Directorate, UP.

10. Principal Secretary
Planning Department, U P Government, Lucknow.

11. Director
U.P. Purva Sainik Kalyan Nigam Ltd, Non official nominated by the UP Govt.

U.P. Purva Sainik Kalyan Nigam Ltd, Non official nominated by the UP Govt.

9. Directory for Officers & Staff At least 95% Officers & Staffs are deployed on contractual basis, hence, there is no
provision of such directory.
10. Monthly Remuneration
of Officers & Staff
Total numbers of 133 Officers and Staff including Managing Director are working with UPPSKNL. The Managing Director of UPPSKNL is a retired Army Officer. Hence, his pay and allowances are based on last pay drawn in the Army. Same procedure is applicable for the post of the General Manager. Besides this, 14 officers like DGM, AGM (Adm & HR), AGM {Marketing &PP) and AGM (Operations} are working on contract basis and are getting consolidated salary. There are only 08 permanent posts of different categories sanctioned by the UP Govt., who are drawing their salary as per Govt. rules. Other 92 official staff are working on contract basis and getting consolidated salary.
11. Specified  Report
towards Planning and Proposed Expenditure
Presently UPPSKNL is primarily providing only Ex-servicemen based Security & Technical services. No other special projects are being run by the UPPSKNL based on grant of UP Govt. Internal budget is being prepared and approved by the Board of Director of U PPSKKNL for it’s activities.
12. Policy towards Discharge No such work is being undertaken by the UPPSKNL. Hence, information is Nil.
13. Grant, Exemption, Licence and Authorities
towards Receipt of
Specialized Work
No such type of works is being done by the UPPSKNL.
14. Details of Information in Electronics Form For this purpose UPPSKNL’s website www.upsainiknigam.com is available.
15. Facilities to Provide
Specialized Information
to the General Public
Presently not available.
16. Name, Designation and Specification of Information Officer Lt Col S Negi (Retd), Assistant General Manager (HR & Adm) is Information Officer.


Ex-servicemen Corporation