1. Security Services
    (a)    Security of Banks
    (b)    Security of Educational Institutes
    (c)    Security of Multi storied buildings
    (d)    Security of Post Offices
    (e)    Security of Petroleum Depots
    (f)    Security of Gas Plants
    (g)    Security of Telephone Exchange
    (h)    Security of Government Offices
    (i)    Security of ATMs
    (j)    Security of Telephone Industries
    (k)    Security of Aeronautics Centres
    (l)    Security of Hospitals
    (m)    Security of Thermal Plants
    (n)    Security of Private Industries and Factories.
  2. Technical Service

(a)    Services to Power Generation
(b)    Services for Sub Station Operation
(c)    Services of Tourist Guide
(d)    Services of Heavy Vehicle Drivers
(e)    Services of Light Vehicle Drivers

  1. Specialized Services
    (a)    Services of Dozer Operator
    (b)    Services of Cash Carry Van
    (c)    Services of Currency Chest
    (d)    Services of Crane Operator
  2. Administrative Services
    (a)    Services of Personal Assistant
    (b)    Services of Stenographers
    (c)    Services of Computer Operator
    (d)    Services of Clerks/Cashier
    (e)    Services of Typist
    (f)    Services of Store Keeper
    (g)    Services of Orderly/Peon
  3.  Para Medical Services
    (a)    Services of Patient Helper
    (b)    Services of Pharmacist
    (c)    Services of Nurses
    (d)    Services of Aaya
    (e)    Services of Dark Room Assistant
    (f)    Services of Operation Room Assistant
    (g)    Services of Lab Assistant

(i)Wage Structure (As per U P Labour Govt) st1
(ii)Wage Structure (As per DGR for CPSu & PSUs) st2

1    A U.P. Govt Undertaking.
2     A disciplined well trained Ex–Servicemen (Retired Defense
Personnel) work force.
3    High degree of motivation on part of management consisting of retired
yet resolute officers and men dedicated to achieve the aim of
Nigam efficiently.
4    No Unionism.
5    No hassles of permanency.
6    No liability of Principal Employer.
7    No ESI hence cheaper.
8    Cost of manpower much less than regular employees.
9    Well defined organization and chain of command and control ensuring following :-
(a)    Timely availability of personnel.
(b)    Good turn out and punctuality.
(c)    Discipline and good behavior.
(d)    Prompt action against indisciplined personnel.
(e)    Continuous on job training.

Why Nigam For Principal Employer


S.No Nigam Private Security Agency
1. Timely available manpower There is no such provision
2. Nigam is fully responsible for its employee There is no such provision
3. Shift wise round the clock security services for 08 hours Generally security staff is deployed for 12 hours or more
4. Chain of disciplined force There is no such provision
5. UP Government Corporation Individual owned
6. Registered under Companies Act Not mandatory
7. Employees are covered under Personal Accidental Insurance Scheme for Rs. 10 Lacs. Accidental medical re-imbursement due to hospitalization is also provided upto Rs. 75,000/-. There is no such provision
8. In case of natural death of the Nigam’s employee, an immediate financial assistance of Rs. 50,000/- as ex-gratia is paid to the family of the deceased There is no such provision
9. Regular training facility for security staff There is no such provision
10. Followed all Labour Laws in toto There is no such provision

Ex-servicemen Corporation